Hungary nationalizes schoolbook market, spelling ruin for educational publishers

Hungary's Parliament has adopted a law to nationalize the school textbook market. From 1st September 2014, a state-owned body will create and publish school books which will be provided free of charge to primary schools. Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government justified the move by claiming that the current system has allowed publishers to generate huge profits through over-supplying schools with textbooks. From now on, only two books will be available per subject and class.

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Free Content Comes at a High Price - IPA Raises Questions about Open Educational Resources

The International Publishers Association (IPA) has published a policy paper outlining the publishing industry perspective on Open Educational Resources (OER).

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What Works? 2013 report

IPA organised its first ever international education conference in conjunction with the London Book Fair, on 17 April 2013.

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Former US copyright supremo takes charge at AAP

Maria Pallante, the former head of the U.S. Copyright Office, whose abrupt exit from the position in October 2016 sounded alarm bells throughout the publishing and arts worlds, became the new President and CEO of the Association of American Publishers (AAP) this month.

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New president to head world’s biggest publisher body in the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds

The Grupo Iberoamericano de Editores (GIE), which groups major publishers from across Latin America, Spain and Portugal, has elected Mexican publisher José Ignacio Echeverria to be its new president for the next four years, during GIE’s annual meeting at the Guadalajara Book Fair.

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U.S. Register of Copyrights Maria Pallante 'removed from her job'

According to a Billboard report, U.S. Register of Copyrights Maria Pallante was removed from her job on Friday (October 21) by the Librarian of Congress, Carla Hayden, who has authority over the Copyright Office. Pallante, who is known for her fair treatment of content creators, has been appointed as a senior digital strategy adviser for the Library of Congress, although industry watchers believe she was pushed out.

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