Chennai International Book Fair 2024

Following the highly successful Chennai International Book Fair 2023, Tamil Nadu is now prepared to hold its second edition of CIBF. Attracted by over 30 countries and hundreds of publishers, CIBF has cemented its place amongst international book fairs.
Chennai International Book Fair 2024 logotype

The first edition of CIBF was an incredible success, garnering praise from both Indian and international participants. An impressive 365 Memorandums of Understanding were signed between primarily Tamil publishers and their global peers. The international pavilion created for the fair provided a unique experience to visitors as they experienced a truly international book fair for the very first time.

The Tamil Nadu government has launched a translation grant program, providing guidelines and applications for non-Tamil publishers who wish to translate Tamil works into their own languages.

The Chennai International Book Fair (CIBF) 2024 will take place in January 2024 at the Chennai Trade Center, Nandambakkam in Chennai. It is an event organized by the Tamil Nadu Textbook Corporation and Educational Services, an enterprise of the Government of Tamil Nadu.  The theme for CIBF this year will be “Writing: from Pots to Bots”, emphasizing how writing has evolved over time from its humble beginnings with pot shreds to Artificial Intelligence.