Title Published Date
Publishers Strike Major Blow against Internat Piracy 15 February 2012
Publishing delegation attends WIPO Copyright Committee 05 June 2018
Publishing piracy increased in second half of 2017 29 March 2018
Renegotiating the NAFTA agreement 30 November 2017
Sänger confirmed as new IPA Copyright Committee Chair 15 May 2019
SCCR 38 – Exceptions and Limitations 30 April 2019
Setzer speaks at German Publishers GA 01 July 2019
Standing up for copyright: creative sector calls for balanced approach to rights and exceptions 09 May 2014
Structural infringers: how to protect copyright without stifling innovation 30 June 2016
Summary of the WIPO SCCR 35 30 November 2017
The essentials of image rights management 28 September 2015
The future is now 29 November 2017
The HP Judgement: The International Implications of Reading Literally 24 November 2015
The publisher perspective on the development of new technologies and copyright protection. 10 November 2015
The Publishers' Role in Digital Access to the World's Literary Heritage 28 July 2010
Top U.S. copyright minds to debate 'Fair Use' at Charles Clark Memorial Lecture 08 February 2017
U.S. Supreme Court Follows IPA in Landmark Copyright Ruling 19 January 2012
Updates on National Enforcement Strategies at WIPO’s ACE 03 October 2019
US Supreme Court Puts Low Cost Textbooks for Developing Countries at Risk 20 March 2013
WIPO debates copyright exceptions for education, libraries and archives, as well as a new international broadcasting treaty 22 December 2015

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