Title Published Date
From the United States: Copyright Infringement Suit Against Internet Archive Continues Forward 01 March 2021
Google’s making of a digital copy to provide a search function is a ‘transformative use’ of the content, Judge Leval said 24 November 2015
How to fight piracy locally and globally; some ideas from the Global Copyright Enforcement Forum 23 October 2017
Indian publishers to appeal Delhi High Court copyright judgement 13 October 2016
IPA and Copyright Policy Making 16 April 2014
IPA bringing common sense to traditional knowledge debate at WIPO 28 February 2017
IPA celebrates publishers’ innovation at WIPO 08 December 2015
IPA commits to work with WIPO on practical solutions 06 October 2015
IPA considering implications of Singaporean copyright review 31 August 2016
IPA Continues Work Towards Access for Disabled Readers 01 March 2011
IPA Copyright Committee holds first-ever online meeting 31 March 2021
IPA Copyright Symposium Strengthens Publishers Resolve on Copyright 04 March 2010
IPA in International Forum 16 April 2014
IPA interventions: Australia and Uruguay 30 June 2016
IPA joins push for rethink of copyright exceptions and slashing of royalties in Canada 23 March 2016
IPA Keeping an Eye on WIPO Committees 19 December 2018
IPA President calls for scholarly publishing industry to unite at APE Congress 2018 opening 30 January 2018
IPA promoting copyright in Peru 28 November 2013
IPA reproaches Canadian minister's copyright comments 22 December 2016
IPA Responds to Brazilian Copyright Consultation 03 October 2019

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