Title Published Date
Freedom to Publish panel confirmed at Salon du Livre de Genève 01 April 2019
Freedom to Publish Prize finalist profile: Ahmedur Rashid Chowdhury 31 March 2016
Freedom to Publish Prize finalist profile: Bei Ling 01 April 2016
Freedom to Publish Prize finalist profile: Moe Way 04 April 2016
Freedom to Publish Prize finalist profile: Raif Badawi 08 April 2016
Freedom to Publish Seminar at Seoul International Book Fair 03 July 2019
Freedom to Publish: IPA backs second US publisher faced with Trump threats 31 August 2018
French publishers defend children's book from politician's attack 28 February 2014
Full schedule of IPA Frankfurt Book Fair meetings and events 04 October 2019
German publishers lead call for diplomatic action on Turkey 31 August 2016
Gui Minhai awarded 2018 IPA Prix Voltaire 01 February 2018
Gui Minhai revelations continue 28 February 2019
Gui Minhai: IPA Statement 25 February 2020
Highlights of the 31st International Publishers Congress 2016, in London 20 April 2016
Hong Kong Arrests over ‘Seditious’ Children’s Books 27 July 2021
Independent Hong Kong publishing still reeling after bookseller kidnappings 30 November 2016
Intellectual Property and international cooperation: Past, present, future 10 July 2020
International Alliance of Independent Publishers launches global freedom to publish study 27 February 2017
International and European Publishers Condemn Violent Crackdown in Belarus 26 August 2020
International Publishers Appeal for Pardon for Lotfy 17 April 2020

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