Title Published Date
'This is an exciting time for accessibility' 23 November 2021
Accessible Book Awards shortlist announced 11 February 2020
Accessible Book Awards winners revealed 12 March 2020
All people should have the same opportunity to access knowledge - Editorial 5 12 March 2019
ASEAN Book Publishing: Markets, Policy, and Copyright 30 April 2019
Copyright Exceptions and Limitations at WIPO International Conference and SCCR 39 12 November 2019
Creative Industry Statistics for Africa in the spotlight at WIPO-ARIPO workshop 01 September 2021
Daren Tang of Singapore appointed new WIPO Director General 28 May 2020
Educational publishers back WIPO creative industries plan for emerging markets 29 June 2017
Educational publishing and the development agenda 30 November 2017
Finalists Announced for the 2021 Accessible Books Consortium International Excellence Award 01 September 2021
Frankfurter Buchmesse and the International Publishers Association partner to host a series of events on current issues and trends in publishing 17 September 2020
Frankfurter Buchmesse: The Impact of COVID on the Global Publishing Industry 29 October 2021
Hachette Becomes 100th Signatory of Accessible Books Charter 03 October 2019
Intellectual Property and international cooperation: Past, present, future 10 July 2020
IPA and WIPO launch annual statistical survey into the global publishing industry 12 April 2017
IPA at WIPO regional seminar, Nairobi 03 July 2019
IPA celebrates publishers’ innovation at WIPO 08 December 2015
IPA Copyright Committee holds first-ever online meeting 31 March 2021
IPA Keeping an Eye on WIPO Committees 19 December 2018

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