IPA Submission on copyright reform to the Australian Productivity Commission

In support of our member, the Australian Publishers Association (APA), the IPA recently made an extensive submission to the Australian government’s inquiry into ‘Australia’s Intellectual Property Arrangements’.

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WIPO debates copyright exceptions for education, libraries and archives, as well as a new international broadcasting treaty

Read the report on the 31st meeting of the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) held on 7-11 2015 December in Geneva

By IPA Legal Adviser, Carlo Scollo Lavizzari

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The HP Judgement: The International Implications of Reading Literally

According to the European Court of Justice (CJEU), as part of a ruling on Belgian statutory levies published on 12 November 2015 ‘publishers are not reproduction rightsholders’ under a literal reading of Art. 2 of the EU Copyright Directive (2001/29). Therefore, the CJEU found that ‘publishers do suffer no harm’ as a result of the private copy and photocopy exceptions in that directive.

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Google’s making of a digital copy to provide a search function is a ‘transformative use’ of the content, Judge Leval said

Judge Leval, sitting in the US Court of Appeal for the 2nd Circuit, on 16 October delivered his long-awaited opinion in the matter of the (American) Authors’ Guild Inc. and others vs Google Inc. The Court rejected each of the claims of the Authors’ Guild and other appellants (collectively, the ‘Plaintiffs’) about why the district court’s ruling (by Chin J.) was flawed.

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The publisher perspective on the development of new technologies and copyright protection.

On 9 November 2015, Secretary General of the IPA, José Borghino, chaired a panel discussion about 'The publisher perspective on the development of new technologies and copyright protection' at the CeMPro Seminar in Mexico City 'Copyright in the XXI'.

El castellano sigue abajo.

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On importance of the protection of local creators and publishers

In consultation with our member in South Africa, the Publishers Association of South Africa (PASA), the IPA made a submission on 15 September to the South African government’s consultation on its proposed Copyright Amendment Bill. IPA consistently reinforces the message that local authors and local publishers are important strategic resources, and that governments should foster and encourage them whenever possible. Local creators are the lifeblood of all knowledge economies, and are all the more precious for the future of developing nations.

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