Do Copyright and Human Rights go together?

Copyright protection is not per se a human right, but it is a tool which protects the human rights of authors and publishers. Copyright impacts on freedom of expression, both of the author and of members of the public who wish to distribute the author’s works as part of their own freedom of expression. This does not just mean the freedom to express a certain opinion, but also to chose the appropriate medium to do so, or even to remain silent.

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Angela Mills Wade on advocating for creative industries

"Copyright has been the bedrock of huge expansion of the creative industries which have taken advantage of technology, new platforms and devices, delivering wider choice to consumers of digital music, newspapers, film, TV and books than ever imaginable even ten years ago."

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Alaa Al Aswany: "In the absence of copyright protection, people will simply stop writing."

A new IPA report on copyright and human rights exposes how the poor state of creative industries and of freedom of expression in developing countries is directly linked to the absence of copyright.

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Alaa Al Aswany: copyright and human rights go together

Alaa Al Aswany is the Arab world's bestselling novelist. We spoke to him about the precarious situation for writers in countries, like Egypt, without proper copyright protection.

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New IPA report on electronic legal deposit

British Library

Legal deposit schemes, which require publishers to submit copies of books and journals to a national library, is considered a vital part in preserving a country's cultural heritage.

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Standing up for copyright: creative sector calls for balanced approach to rights and exceptions

WIPO building

The IPA, along with other creative sector organisations (IFRRO, FEP, Motion Picture Association, European Writers Council, International Federation of Journalists & more) have written to European Commission President José Barroso, highlighting the dangers of a proposed WIPO treaty on copyright exceptions for libraries and archives.

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