France Announces New Curriculum for All Levels

On August 19 France’s Ministry of Education released a decree for an entire new curriculum to begin in September 2016. The curriculum decree, which covers all disciplines in all nine academic levels, has been debated for two years. According to Pascale Gelebart of Savoir Livre, the ministry is expected to finalize curriculum content in October.

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Norwegian PA to Host IPA EPF meeting in September

The Norwegian Publishing Association will host the 19th IPA EPF on 18 September 2015 in Oslo. The agenda will include a presentation from Anne Leer, the deputy director general at the World Intellectual Property Association (WIPO). The EPF agenda will also include country reports, and continued planning for communications activities. The EPF Euro Group will meet in the afternoon. A draft agenda has also already been sent to EPF members. A final agenda and meeting details will be sent soon.

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Three Visions of the Digital Book for Education – A Report from Brazil

A recent panel discussion hosted by the Brazilian Chamber of Books highlighted the different perspectives and expectations that publishers, teachers, and students each have for use of the digital book in the classroom.

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Key States in USA Increase Funding for Instructional Materials

The three largest USA states – California, Texas and Florida – have approved funding increases for instructional materials.

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IPA forms new Asia-Pacific Educational Publishers Forum

The IPA-EPF has formed a new committee to address the needs of educational publishers in the Asia and Pacific region.

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Japan Prepares to Launch National Digital Learning Initiative

The Japanese Ministry of Education plans to dramatically increase the pupil to computer ratio in their country over the next several years through a focused push on equipping digital learning materials in Japanese classrooms.

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