Japan Prepares to Launch National Digital Learning Initiative

The Japanese Ministry of Education plans to dramatically increase the pupil to computer ratio in their country over the next several years through a focused push on equipping digital learning materials in Japanese classrooms.

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Future Calling: Nordic conference for educational publishers

The Finnish Book Publishers Association will hold an educational publishing conference in Turku, Finland from 12 to 15 August, 2015. Find out more!

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What Works? 2015 report

The International Publishers Association, in association with the Publishers Association UK and the London Book Fair, presented the third annual IPA Education Conference on 16 April, at Olympia Conference Centre, West London.

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Gino Roncaglia on virtual reality, data animation and the future of storytelling

Gino Roncaglia is a writer and lecturer on the intersection between technology, education and books. We spoke to him about how learning resources are being digitally transformed.

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What Works? 2014 report

Entitled 'What Works? Policies, Resources & Technologies for International Educational Success' the conference was universally praised.

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Hungary nationalizes schoolbook market, spelling ruin for educational publishers

Hungary's Parliament has adopted a law to nationalize the school textbook market. From 1st September 2014, a state-owned body will create and publish school books which will be provided free of charge to primary schools. Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government justified the move by claiming that the current system has allowed publishers to generate huge profits through over-supplying schools with textbooks. From now on, only two books will be available per subject and class.

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