Public education in Mozambique to suffer under new ‘closed market’ textbook policy

Public educational performance in Mozambique is likely to plunge when a change in textbook policy takes hold, the IPA has warned the country’s education minister, who has announced that all secondary school pupils will only have access to one book per subject per year from 2017.

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Threatened Georgian publishers take their case to European Court of Human Rights

Four Georgian publishers that are facing bankruptcy because of a government scheme to commandeer the textbook market took their case to the European Court of Human Rights, this month, in a last-gasp bid for survival.

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Kenya: VAT on books is harming the quality of public education

Three years after the Kenyan government introduced VAT on books, the country's publishing and bookselling industries – of which educational books represent 85% – have been decimated by the move, according to the Kenyan Publishers Association (KPA).

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What Works? 2016 report

Attendance at the fourth one-day What Works? event was the highest yet, attesting to its value to the educational publishing sector as a networking and learning experience.

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IPA to initiate a new Education Publishers Forum in the Americas

At a recent meeting of education publishers at the Guadalajara International Book Fair, Mexico, it was agreed that the IPA should create an Education Publishers Forum-Americas.

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The 2015 IPA Educational Publishers Forum open meeting

The 2015 IPA Educational Publishers Forum open meeting in Frankfurt was chaired by Jay Diskey, Chair of this working committee and was held on 16 October 2015.

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