The digital economy: what happens next?

With smartphone penetration rates soaring, what can publishers do to kickstart mobile commerce for books? It's one of the questions we asked digital expert Marcello Vena, who also assessed the retail landscape, the prospects for e-readers and the Long Tail theory's application to books.

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Publishers wake up to the possibilities of YouTube

Each month, over a billion people visit YouTube, watching 6 billion hours of video. Now publishers are waking up to the possibilites the channel creates for book discoverability and marketing.

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Ayu Utami: Do publishers still matter for authors?

Award-winning author Ayu Utami tells us why publishing firms must evolve to remain relevant in the "industry of ideas".

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New IPA market report: Southeast Asia

Bangkok Night – Wikimedia Commons

Stan Gunn from Edge Ventures has produced a comprehensive guide to market conditions for publishing across the dynamic ASEAN region.

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Research4Life: boosting access to research in developing countries

195 publishers have already signed up to Research4Life's groundbreaking schemes to boost access to academic and peer-reviewed content in developing-world countries. We spoke to STM's Richard Gedye about the project's rapid growth and successes to date. 

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Crowdfunding: a new financing model for publishing

Le bâtard des étoiles

The IPA interviewed pioneering comic-book publisher Patrick Pinchart about crowdfunding models for publishing.

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