32nd: New Delhi, 2018

31st: London, 2016

30th: Bangkok, 2015

29th: Cape Town, 2012

28th: Seoul, 2008

27th: Berlin, 2004

26th: Buenos Aires, 2000

25th: Barcelona, 1996

24th: New Delhi, 1992

23rd: London, 1988

22nd: Mexico City, 1984

21st: Stockholm, 1980

20th: Kyoto/Tokyo, 1976

19th: Paris, 1972

18th: Amsterdam, 1968

17th: Washington, 1965

16th: Barcelona, 1962

15th: Vienna, 1959

14th: Florence, 1956

13th: Zurich, 1954

12th: Leipzig, 1938

11th: London, 1936

10th: Brussels, 1933

9th: Paris, 1931

8th: Budapest, 1913

7th: Amsterdam, 1910

6th: Madrid, 1908

5th: Milan, 1906

4th: Leipzig, 1901

3rd: London, 1899

2nd: Brussels, 1897

1st: Paris, 1896

WIPO building

The IPA, along with other creative sector organisations (IFRRO, FEP, Motion Picture Association, European Writers Council, International Federation of Journalists & more) have written to European Commission President José Barroso, highlighting the dangers of a proposed WIPO treaty on copyright exceptions for libraries and archives.


Gvantsa Jobava
25 June 2021
Book policy
Publishing industry
On 16 June during Bologna Children's Book Fair, Aldus Up, the European book fairs network co-founded in the framework of the Creative Europe programme and coordinated by the Italian Publishers Association (AIE) published two studies on existing surve...
Hugo Setzer
07 June 2021
Publishing industry
We may indeed regard the Berne Convention as one of the great charters of literary liberty; it has directly and powerfully influenced all legislation touching copyright matters which has been achieved since it came into force.  John Murray, IPA ...
James Taylor
04 June 2021
Publishing industry
The SDG Book Club was an idea formed through a unique collaboration between the IPA and the United  Nations and involved the full spectrum of the book chain. The idea was simple; to use books as tool to encourage children aged between 6-12 to un...
27 May 2021
Book policy
Publishing industry
Can publishers help build the creative industries in Europe?  As we reach the mid-point in 2021, in Europe we are starting to see the first glimpses of a return to normal life. While there is cautious optimism, we are also starting to see the fi...
Gvantsa Jobava
15 April 2021
Book policy
Publishing industry
After two years of being the Executive committee member at the International Publishers Association, I was thrilled to accept the invitation of the chair of IPA’s Inclusive Publishing and Literacy Committee, Michiel Kolman, to lead the committee’s li...
Michiel Kolman
10 March 2021
Publishing industry
Diversity and Inclusion
As Chair of the IPA's Inclusive Publishing and Literacy Committee I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak to Peter Dowling, the Immediate Past President of the Publishers Association of New Zealand about their efforts to make their industry ...
Hugo Setzer
05 March 2021
Book policy
Publishing industry
Available in Portuguese, Turkish and Spanish.For the last four years, as Vice-President and then President of the International Publishers Association, I promoted accessible publishing around the world, talking with key stakeholders of the book indus...

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