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The IPA attended UNESCO's Meeting of the Collective Consultation on Education in Siem Reap, Cambodia, this month to communicate the essential role of educational publishers in implementing UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 – Education.

The UN’s 17 ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) cover almost every aspect of human activity on the planet, ranging from calls for ‘No Poverty’ through ‘Gender Equality’ to ‘Climate Action’. But SDG4–Education is most relevant for publishers, as it seeks to ‘ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all’ by 2030.

The two-person IPA delegation was made up of Executive Committee member, Trasvin Jittidecharak, and Secretary General José Borghino.

Borghino said: ‘The meeting was a wake-up call for publishers – we were not mentioned once during the two-day conference, except when I rose to say that the best way to provide a quality education for all in the future was for governments and others to work closely with educational publishers, acknowledging them as key stakeholders in the process of ensuring that all students reach their full potential.’

He added: ‘It became clear that, for NGOs in the education field at least, publishers are not yet seen as part of the equation. We need to argue clearly and strongly that without professional educational publishers, SDG-4 will be almost impossible to achieve by 2030. If developing countries are serious about improving their educational infrastructure, the capacity building of the educational publishing sector must be a first-order priority.’

The IPA Executive Committee and the IPA’s Educational Publishers Forum (EPF) will discuss this issue, and the IPA will approach UNESCO and other UN agencies to explore ways to promote publishers’ indispensable expertise and the need for their active involvement in the SDG conversation.

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Azadeh Parsapour
12 December 2018
Publishing industry
Iran celebrated its national book week from 15 to 22 November this year with the slogan ‘The Great Joy of Reading’. The book week is the second major book related event in Iran after Tehran international book fair that is held in May every year. Ther...
James Taylor
30 November 2018
Publishing industry
IPA’s President-elect, Hugo Setzer, virtually opened the last day of SCCR 37 in a video prepared by the Accessible Books Consortium (ABC). Hugo spoke eloquently (in Spanish, with English subtitles) about accessibility issues as they affect his native...
James Taylor
29 November 2018
Publishing industry
Following yesterday’s exceptions and limitations marathon, today was a much shorter affair as the SCCR raced through the agenda. The morning session kicked off with NGOs asked to comment on the progress (or, in the eyes of many civil society organisa...
James Taylor
28 November 2018
Publishing industry
Following yesterday’s surprise close to discussions on the Broadcasting Treaty with a Chair’s revised consolidated text, today’s proceedings moved onto Exceptions and Limitations (E&Ls) and the civil society NGOs in favour of E&Ls kicked off ...
James Taylor
27 November 2018
Publishing industry

The first day of the SCCR37 closed with ‘informal’ discussions about the Broadcasting Treaty amid much interest about whether the Argentine and American proposals would lead to a breakthrough or the continuation of the current deadlock.

James Taylor
26 November 2018
Publishing industry
If you’re not a regular WIPO-watcher you could be forgiven for having forgotten what happened back in May when the 36th session of WIPO’s SCCR confounded expectations and appeared to make progress on the Broadcasting Treaty. Back then there was even ...
Azadeh Parsapour
20 September 2018
Freedom to publish
The first time I encountered a self-published book in Iran was about 10 years ago. My blogger friend tried to publish his first collection of short stories and faced a dead end with the book office censors. The whole book had a dark comedy theme and,...
Hugo Setzer
30 August 2018
Publishing industry

From 21-24 August I had the chance to attend the Beijing International Book Fair on behalf of IPA.

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