A crucial part of IPA's mission is to inform member associations and the wider global publishing community about breaking developments which will impact publishers. We do this through a number of channels. the IPA website, our monthly e-newsletter, press releases and the IPA's dedicated social media feeds.

Publishers from 68 countries represented by the International Publishers Association call on the Members of the European Parliament to adopt the Copyright Directive currently before them. 

With this new legislation, publishers will be able to continue producing high-quality content for the benefit of both authors and users. It is paramount that Europe takes the lead on these issues now, and we are confident that the European Parliament will be making history in adopting this progressive legislation.

Albania - Association of Albanian Publishers
Argentina - Cámara Argentina del Libro
Armenia - National Publishers Association of Armenia
Australia - Australian Publishers Association Ltd.
Bangladesh - Academic & Creative Publishers Association of Bangladesh
Belgium - Association des Editeurs Belges de langue française, Flemish Publishers Association
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Association of Publishers & Booksellers of Bosnia Herzegovina
Brazil - Cámara Brasileira do Livro, Sindicato Nacionaldos Editores de Livros
Canada - Association of Canadian Publishers, Association Nationale des Editeurs de Livres, Canadian Publishers’ Council
Chile - Corporacion del Libro y Lectura
China - Publishers Association of China
Colombia - Cámara Colombiana del Libro
Denmark - Danish Publishers Association
Egypt - Egyptian Publishers Association
Finland - Finnish Book Publishers Association
France - Syndicat National de l’Edition
Georgia - Georgian Publishers & Booksellers Association
Germany - Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels
Greece - Association of Greek Publishers & Booksellers
Hungary - Hungarian Publishers & Booksellers Association
Iceland - Icelandic Publishers Association
India - Federation of Indian Publishers
Indonesia - Indonesian Publishers Association
Iraq - Union of Iraqi Publishers
Ireland - Irish Book Publishers’ Association
Israel - The Book Publishers’ Association of Israel
Italy - Associazione Italiana Editori
Ivory Coast - Association des Editeurs de Côte d’Ivoire
Jamaica - Book Industry Association of Jamaica
Japan - Japan Book Publishers Association
Jordan - Union of Jordanian Publishers
Kenya - Kenya Publishers Association
Korea - Korean Publishers Association
Lebanon - Syndicate of Publishers Union in Lebanon
Malaysia - Malaysian Book Publishers Association
Mauritania - Union mauritanienne pour l'edition et la distribution (No website available)
Mexico - Cámara Nacional de la Industria Editorial Mexicana
Morocco - L'Union professionelle des éditeurs du Maroc
Nepal - National Booksellers and Publishers Association of Nepal
Netherlands - Dutch Publishers Association
New Zealand - Publishers Association of New Zealand
Nigeria - Nigerian Publishers Association
Norway - Norwegian Publishers Association
Panama - Panamanian Book Chamber
Peru - Cámara Peruana del Libro
Philippines - Philippine Educational Publishers Association
Portugal - Associação Portuguesa de Editores e Livreiros
Russia - Russia Publishers Association
Saudi Arabia - Saudi Publishers Association
Senegal - Association Sénégalaise des Editeurs
Serbia - Publishers and Booksellers Association of Serbia
Singapore - Singapore Book Publishers
Slovenia - Association of Slovenian Publishers
Somalia - The Somali Publishers Association
South Africa - Publishers' Association of South Africa
Spain - Federación de Gremios de Editores de España
Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Book Publishers Association
Sweden - Swedish Publishers Association
Switzerland - Association Suisse des Diffuseurs, Editeurs et Libraires, Schweizerischer Buchhändler und Verleger-Verband
Thailand - Publishers and Booksellers Association of Thailand
Tunisia - Tunisian Publishers Association
Turkey - Turkish Publishers Association
Ukraine - Ukrainian Publishers and Booksellers Association
United Arab Emirates - Emirates Publishers Association
United States of America - Association of American Publishers
Venezuela - Cámara Venezolana del Libro
African Publishers Network (APNET)
Arab Publishers Association (APA)
Association of UNiversity Presses (AUP)
Grupo Ibero-Americano de Editores (GIE)
International Federation of Scholarly Publishers (IFSP)

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Ben Steward
01 October 2019
Freedom to publish
Book policy
Publishing industry

The second and final day of the IPA Regional Seminar in the Middle East was opened by Sharjah publisher Bodour Al Qasimi (Kalimat Group), who is (among other things) also the IPA Vice-President.

Ben Steward
30 September 2019
Publishing industry
When the IPA regional seminar in Amman, Jordan, got underway this morning there was a crackle of promise in the air. This was more than a conference opening – it was like the inauguration of a new bridge spanning the space between the IPA’s global me...
Hugo Setzer
23 September 2019
Freedom to publish
Publishing industry
Between end of July and early September I had the chance of participating in several important events throughout Latin America. A region full of contrasts, where a wealthy, vigorous parts of society still coexists with undeserving levels of poverty. ...
Azadeh Parsapour
16 September 2019
Freedom to publish
Publishing industry
Every year I read dozens of manuscripts submitted to our publishing house. Unfortunately not all of them are as enjoyable or educating as I expect and only a handful end up published. Beside these books, that I don’t have any control in choosing, I h...
Michiel Kolman
17 July 2019
Diversity and Inclusion
On the topic of inclusion, we tend to focus on the areas of gender and sexual orientation. What does not receive as much attention is the area of accessibility. Simply put, having our products and services designed for people with disabilities speaks...
Hugo Setzer
03 July 2019
Freedom to publish
Publishing industry

What do Kenya, Germany and Korea have in common? There are all members of IPA, and during June I had the unique opportunity to make a two-week trip to all three of them.

Michiel Kolman
26 June 2019
Freedom to publish
Publishing industry
Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion comes in many different shapes and colors and this month, Pride month in many countries, the focus will be on LGBTI+, or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex, where the plus denotes all other groups in an overall i...
Michiel Kolman
24 April 2019
Publishing industry
Diversity and Inclusion
Arguably a forerunner in making progress on the topic of inclusion and diversity, the UK Publishers Association began their journey with a landmark report on the diversity of the UK publishing industry in 2017. They have just released their findings ...

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