Dina Malhotra (1924-2017)

Dina Malhotra (1924-2017)

Indian Publisher Dina Nath Malhotra passed away in December. Former IPA President Alain Gründ shares a homage to a pioneer of Indian publishing.

Our dear colleague, Dina Malhotra, passed away on December 13th. He was a symbol of our trade for three reasons.

Indian born in Lahore, he lived the difficult time of the division of India, and illustrated with courage what the freedom of expression means: his father was assassinated for what he published. And for the same reason, his family and himself were threatened of a similar fate.

He also represented one of the most important aspects of our activity: bring to as many people as possible training, technology and culture. He created the first important series of pocket books — Hind pocket books —, enabling by cheap prices books to be widespread not only to the happy few, but also to modest families.

Finally, he symbolised and represented Asian publishing, bringing our trade to the whole world and not only to the Asian countries, explaining and illustrating copyright, one of the objectives of IPA. No wonder why the congress he organised in New Delhi in 1992, including the contribution of the Dalai Lama, was such a success.

Respected by all of us, he also became our friend.

Alain Gründ
Paris, March 12. 2018

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