Publishing piracy increased in second half of 2017

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Piracy monitoring service MUSO recently published a new report on piracy figures for music, films, TV shows and video games. But what about publishing? We talked to MUSO's Head of Publishing Services, Chris Anderson, to find out.

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IPA welcomes German takedown of online pirated book vendor

German investigators have succeeded in shutting down a Tonga-based website that was illegally selling thousands of downloadable books and journals – the majority of them in German – at rock-bottom prices.

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Fighting online IP crime

City of London Police

 Online piracy is a massive challenge for all economies which depend on their creative industries, hurting publishers' and authors' income, employees' jobs and governments' tax revenues.

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In Germany and the US, file hosting services succesfully pursued for copyright infringement

Publishers and collecting societies are successfully sueing online file-hosting services where copyrighted materials are illegally downloaded.

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