"It was an idea whose time had come." David Whitaker on the birth of ISBN

David Whitaker tells IPA President Richard Charkin about the path to a global identifier for books.

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What is the future for ISBN?

Can International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) remain relevant in an age of Amazon, ebooks and self publishing? Stella Griffiths of the International ISBN Agency told us her views.

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Acquiring and licensing digital rights: BIEF research revals how practices are changing

The Bureau international de l'édition française (BIEF) has published new research into how digital rights are being acquired, and how translation rights for digital editions are being licensed, around the world.

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IPA endorses Thema, new international subject category standard for books and ebooks

With publishers keen to boost the “discoverability” of their works and a growing realisation of the power of metadata to improve merchandising, sales and market intelligence, the International Publishers Association today officially announced its support for the THEMA scheme, a new international subject category standard for books and e-books.

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Digital Publishing is Now Truly Global: IPA Endorses EPUB 3 as Global Publishing Standard

IPA recognizes EPUB 3 as a preferred standard format for representing HTML and other web content for distribution as single-file publications.

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