Newly appointed Secretary General of the International Publishers Association, José Borghino, committed the IPA to continue to ‘work closely and constructively with the World Intellectual Property Organisation and its Member States to find suitable and practical solutions to the issues on its agenda.’

The International Publishers Association (IPA) endorses a new book about the importance of copyright in a world where the Pirate Party and rich Internet giants seek to undermine and bypass it.

The International Publishers Association (IPA) is concerned at recent reports of politically motivated violence in different parts of Turkey. Newspaper offices in Istanbul have been vandalised and a bookshop in Kırşehir burnt to the ground, while journalists and booksellers were threatened and injured.

The IPA appointed José Borghino as new Secretary General. Mr Borghino’s responsibilities will include supporting IPA members, nationally and in international forums, whenever copyright or the freedom to publish are threatened. He will advise IPA members on national policy issues. And he will manage relationships with key international organisations, such as WIPO, UNESCO, WTO and OECD, as well as leading NGOs such as IFLA, PEN, IAF, STM, IPACC, IFRRO and other international rightsholder organisations.

An international treaty on protecting folklore would be complex, unnecessary, damaging

IPA Secretary General Jens Bammel has warned of the dangers of introducing a new international treaty on traditional knowledge and folklore, saying it runs contrary to publishing realities and society's best interests.

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