After 1 April 2017 (not an April Fools’ joke), the overall Japanese Consumption Tax rate in will rise to 10%. The plan is to maintain the consumption tax on food and home delivery of newspapers at 8%, while books, magazines and newspapers purchased at newsstands and their e-versions will be taxed at 10%. The Japanese Government is currently investigating the possibility of applying the reduced tax rate for books and magazines.

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A new IPA/FEP report reveals a world of difference between national approaches to taxation of books and e-books.

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The European Court of Justice ruling that e-books don't qualify for lower rates of value-added tax (VAT) will have severe consequences for the book trade. We spoke to Vincent Montagne, President of Syndicat national de l'Ă©dition (the French publishers association) about the issue.

For the fourth consecutive year, the IPA and PricewaterhouseCoopers have carried out a global survey on the application of VAT on printed books and e-books.

On 2nd December, Turkey's government introduced a law bringing VAT on e-books into line with print.


The same day, IPA's LIBS Committee launched the third edition of its annual global survey on VAT on books and e-publications.

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