President Zuma Drops Lawsuit against IPA Freedom to Publish Prize-winner

President Zuma has withdrawn his claim for compensation and an apology against cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro (“Zapiro”).

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The 2012 IPA Freedom to Publish Prize Goes to Jonathan Shapiro (“Zapiro”)

Cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro ("Zapiro") has been named the recipient of this year's IPA Freedom to Publish Prize for his exemplary courage in upholding freedom to publish.

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IPA Report Critizices Censorship in Vietnam

In its first report on the freedom to publish conditions in Vietnam, IPA concludes that the screening of books is a complex, opaque, at time irrational, and highly bureaucratic process that books and other written materials have to undergo prior to- and post- publication, and formulates an IPA Road Map for Freedom to Publish, making specific recommendations to the Vietnamese government to move towards greater freedom to publish in the country.

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01/11/12 – President Zuma Drops Lawsuit against IPA Freedom to Publish Prize-winner

15/10/12 – IPA Statement before the UN Human Rights Committee

28/09/12 – Freedom to Publish Mass Trial Continues in Turkey. IPA Calls for Release of Academic and Publisher Deniz Zarakolu

02/07/12 – Freedom to Publish Trial Opens in Turkey. IPA Observers Call for Acquittal of Publisher Ragıp Zarakolu.

08/06/12 – The 2012 IPA Freedom to Publish Prize Goes to Jonathan Shapiro ("Zapiro")

10/04/12 – Publisher & Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Zarakolu Freed Pending Trial

14/03/12 – IPA Demands Freedom for Nobel Peace Nominee Ragip Zarakolu

01/03/12 – IPA Urges Morocco to Authorize the Distribution of a Book

17/01/12 – IPA Report Criticizes Censorship in Vietnam


22/12/11 – IPA Defends Egyptian Publishers against Accusations from Egyptian Military Government

09/12/11 – IPA Letter to Council of Europe Condemning Russia's anti-LGBT Laws

15/11/11 – IPA & PEN International Call for Immediate Release of Publisher Zarakolu (on Day of the Imprisoned Writer)

01/11/11 – IPA Calls for Immediate Release of Publisher Zarakolu

10/10/11 – IPA Calls for Immediate Acquittal of Buroughs Turkish Publisher

05/07/11 – IPA Calls for Immediate Acquittal of Publisher Irfan Sanci

08/06/11 – IPA Condemns Attack on Bui Chat

03/05/11 – Bui Chat Released on Conditions

01/05/11 – IPA Condemns Arrest of Bui Chat and Calls for his Immediate Release

25/04/11 – The 2011 IPA Freedom to Publish Prize Goes to Bui Chat of Giay Vun Publishing

21/04/11 – IPA Open Letter Seeking UN's Assistance in Stopping the Persecution of Leading Independent Publishers & Writers in Iran

18/04/11 – IPA to Name 2011 Freedom to Publish Prize Recipient at Buenos Aires Book Fair

11/03/11 – IPA Condemns Conviction of Publisher Zarakolu

09/03/11 – Joint IPA-PEN-Index on Censorship UPR Submission on Syria

10/02/11 – Joint IPA-EPA Declaration: Egyptian Publishers Stand Up for Freedom

02/02/11 – IPA Vice-President's Publishing House under Attack!

28/01/2011 – IPA Calls on Egyptian Authorities to Restore Freedom of Expression on the Eve of the Cairo Book Fair

17/01/11 – IPA Reports Criticizes Censorship in Vietnam


07/12/10 – IPA Welcomes Acquittal of Turkish Publisher Irfan Sanci

25/11/10 – Norwegian Publishers Offer NOK 500,000 Reward Following the Reopening of the Investigation of the Nygaard Case

02/11/10 – Dosh Receives 2010 IPA FTP Prize at 29th Istanbul Book Fair

09/10 – Invitation to UN-side Event on Freedom of Expression and Defamation of Religions

24/08/10 – IPA Letter to Hu Jintao Calling for the Release of Tragyal

10/06/10 – IPA and Pen International Condemn Conviction of N. Mehmet Güler

09/06/2010 – IPA Calls for Acquittal of Publisher Zarakolu

07/06/10 – 5th Report of the Tunisia Monitoring Group (TMG) (Eng.) (Fr.)

17/02/10 – Freedom of Expression Organisations Call on Iran to Open Doors to UN Human Rights Experts

11/02/10 – Free Press and Free Expression Organisations to Iran: Release Jailed Journalists, Writers

10/02/10 – Open Letter to Ayatollah Khamenei. Help free writers held in Iran: Sign Petition!

7/01/10 – IPA & WAN Call on France to Pressure Tunisia on Freedom of Expression (Eng., Fr.)