5th Arab Publishers Conference Flyer

The 5th Arab Publishers Conference, organized by the Arab Publishers Association, featured a keynote from IPA President-elect, Bodour Al Qasimi, and a panel featuring IPA Secretary General, José Borghino, who spoke about our latest from Response to Recovery Report.

Originally scheduled for early December, technical issues pushed the 5th Arab Publishers Conference back to 14 and 15 December. IPA President-elect, Bodour Al Qasimi, gave a keynote speech to open the two days of debates and discussions.

On day two, IPA Secretary General, José Borghino gave a presentation of IPA’s new From Response to Recovery report which gathers the results of interviews with 33 IPA members from across the world and a variety of market sizes and levels of maturity, including a number of Arab countries. 

He highlighted how there seemed to be a pattern of two types of markets – markets that seemed to be recovering thanks to developed digital markets and strong national reading cultures, and markets that faced longer recoveries due to weaker digital distribution and reading cultures.

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