While the world has worked hard towards gender equality, women and girls continue to suffer from disadvantages. In some countries, girls are not sent to school but must help at home with housework, others are being married before they are 18 years old, women earn less money than men for the same job and are not equally represented in governments.

Providing women and girls with equal access to schools, medical services, well-paid work, and a role in politics will benefit society and humanity at large.

Our new reading lists for SDG 5: Gender Equality cover many of these topics and show brave girls and boys standing up for gender equality rights, so that everyone can enjoy the same opportunities. These books highlight the importance of empowering each other and teaches children how they can help make this world an equal and better place for everyone.

We encourage you to read these books with your children and hope it will inspire them to take action towards gender equality for all women and girls.

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