Peter Kraus vom Cleff, Managing Director of the Börsenverein, highlighted the success of the week, stating: “The Freedom of Expression Week set a visible mark for democracy, debate, and diversity with a new record number of participants and events. Freedom of expression and publication are the foundations of an independent book and media industry – that’s why we are committed to these core values and are pleased that so many partners from society, politics, sports, and associations support us. The impulses of the campaign week should resonate further: On June 9, it’s the European election. We call on all citizens: Go vote and actively shape the future of our democracy!”

IPA supported the initiative, partnering with the Frankfurter Buchmesse for a series of social media posts:


Key events included the discussion “Free Speech – Free Europe?” at the Literaturhaus Frankfurt, where experts debated the role of literature and free writing in stabilizing European democracies. Another highlight was a high-profile discussion at the Frauenkirche in Dresden, where prominent figures discussed the threats to democracy and the role of language and literature.

Support for the week came from various foundations, including the Places of German Democracy History Foundation, ZEIT Stiftung Bucerius, and the C.H. Beck Foundation.

Prominent voices, including Britta Egetemeier of Penguin Random House, Ina Hartwig of the City of Frankfurt, and Ingo Kretzschmar of Thalia Bücher GmbH, underscored the necessity of defending freedom of expression. Annette Krönert of the Palm Foundation and Ute Schwens of the German National Library also emphasized the importance of responsible and peaceful advocacy for free expression.

Read Börsenblatt’s reflections of the week here.