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Many people around the world don’t have access to hospitals or medication yet. This is what Goal 3 is all about: ensuring everyone can live a healthy life.

There are many ways to achieve good health for all: grant access to hospitals and doctors when people need it, construct better roads and regulate traffic to prevent injuries from car accidents, promote mental health, ensure children around the world can get vaccinated and are protected from diseases like malaria or environmental pollution in the air or water.

The new reading lists cover many of these topics and we hope the stories will inspire you to take action for everyone to live a healthy life.

The SDG Book Club website includes information to help children learn more about what they can do to make a difference as well as tips for creating or participating in a book club so people can share their thoughts with friends and family.

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Any publishers who think they have books that would be relevant to this initiative and any forthcoming SDG themes are invited to contact us. Here is more information about the Book Club.