Borghino was able to report on the activities of the IPA’s various committees, while reminding IPA members of the forthcoming IPA General Assembly and its related elections. He also outlined the exciting program of speakers and topics that will be showcased at the IPA’s biennial Congress, which this year will be in Guadalajara, Mexico, from 3-6 December.

He was also able to meet with Andrej Januskevic, of Andrej Januskevic Publishing, a Belarussian publisher who is on the 2024 Prix Voltaire shortlist having faced arbitrary detention, book seizures and books labeled by the government as ‘extremist.’ In 2023, he was forced to flee from Belarus to Poland, where he has promised to continue publishing and has opened a bookstore in Warsaw. Borghino was able to express the IPA’s admiration for his courage in standing up to the oppressive regime in his native land. You can read more about this year’s shortlist here.