Borghino was a speaker on a panel on ‘The Rising Importance of Standards and Identifiers in the Age of Artificial Intelligence’. In his intervention, Borghino spoke of the publishing sector’s leading role in the creation and development of identifiers and metadata because of the simple commercial logic that if you can’t track it, you can’t monetize it. There was very intense interest in the newly minted ISO standard, the International Standard Content Code (ISCC) which promises to attach a whole range of metadata to media files, including TDM opt outs, declarations about use for AI training, proof against fakes, and more. Do not be surprised if you hear more about this new standard over the next months.

During a Seminar on (what else?) AI, IFRRO President Tracey Amstrong traced the astronomical growth in the reach of the AI platforms and made an impassioned pleafor licensing as the solutionThere were also interventions from Thomas Heldrup from the Danish Rights AllianceChristian Zimmermann from DACS (visual artists),and Babis Marmanis from Copyright Clearance Centre.

During IFRRO’s Public Lending Right forum Sabine Richly presented her excellent WIPO Scoping Study on PLR which had been tabled at the last WIPO SCCRBorghino, along with representatives from the Federation of European Publishers (FEP), the European Writers Council (EWC), European Visual Artists (EVA) and three CMOs met with the IFRRO President and CEO to discuss the future of PLR International and the involvement of authors and publishers in IFRRO deliberations.