On Wednesday 27th May, the IPA led an important discussion on the role of diversity and inclusion livestreamed on the Publishers Without Borders Facebook and YouTube platforms. Michiel Kolman, Presidential Envoy for Diversity and Inclusion chaired the session which featured IPA’s Vice President and founder of PublisHer network, Bodour Al-Qasimi, and CEO of the UK Publishers Association, Stephen Lotinga.

The session emphasized the importance of discussing diversity even during times of crisis. Michiel emphasized how the pandemic has in many ways highlighted inequalities but also proven that innovation is made possible through creative thinking by diverse teams. Bodour spoke about the impact on women’s equality and encouraged women in publishing to join the PublisHer network. Finally, Stephen gave candid insights into the UK’s extensive diversity and inclusion plan that has resulted in 53% of senior leadership positions in the publishing industry being occupied by women. Finally, the panel also featured Ed Nawotka, from Publishers Weekly who gave an industry perspective on diversity in terms of content.

We encourage you to see the recording below  and stay up to date with the latest on diversity through the IPA’s blog.