During this event, the Special Book Award of China was presented, celebrating exceptional contributions to the promotion of Chinese culture internationally. This annual award, established by the State Press and Publication Administration of the People’s Republic of China in 2005, honors foreign translators, writers, and publishers who excel in introducing China to the world through literature, translation, and cultural exchanges.  

Pansa expressed her gratitude and enthusiasm on Instagram, emphasizing the collaborative spirit of the event:  



During her visit, Pansa had the opportunity to engage with colleagues from Malaysia, including Mr. Sheikh Faisal Sheikh Mansor (President of the Malaysian Book Publishers Association – MABOPA), Ms. Adibah Omar (CEO of Malaysia Book City Corporation), and other colleagues from the Malaysian book industry.  



Invited by the Publishers Association of China, Pansa’s week at the fair was filled with productive meetings with IPA members and policymakers. She participated and spoke in various forums, including the BIBF Publishers Gala, World Children’s Publishing Forum, 2024 International Publishing Forum, 2024 Beijing International Publishing Forum, and the International Summit on Publishing Discipline and Education. Speaking at the Gala, she emphasized the impact publishers can create, stating: “From author to bookseller and librarian, what we do is special. Whether we are talking about trade books, educational resources, STM and academic publishing, our work entertains, educates and drives the societal progress.” She addressed crucial issues such as copyright, freedom to publish, and the impact of artificial intelligence on the future of publishing. 



Pansa concluded her visit by expressing her appreciation for the opportunity to exchange valuable experiences: “I would like to thank the PAC for the opportunity to exchange so many valuable experiences.”