WIPO’s IP Diagnostics tools help small businesses identify and receive guidance on their IP assets. As a result of their success WIPO is now developing tools adapted to specific sectors – with the publishing tool being the first.

WIPO IP Diagnostics for Publishers is the first sector-specific tool and is designed to help publishers navigate the copyright system as well as other IP rights. As the publishing industry continues to change and evolve through digital transformation and technological advances, WIPO IP Diagnostics for Publishers intends to provide publishers with an easy-to-use, business-friendly tool to identify their IP rights and determine pathways for exploiting them as well as to protect themselves against potential risks to their business.

Karine Pansa, President, IPA, described WIPO’s IP Diagnostics tool for Publishers as “a welcome addition to the range of advice that new and small publishers can consult. It is helpfully written in plain, simple English, avoiding ‘legalese’ and making sure the copyright novice starts asking the right questions.” You can read Karine’s full speech here.

The tool asks a series of simple, easy-to-understand questions about the user’s publishing business and, based on the responses, generates a report. This report provides an assessment of the IP rights that may exist in the business and suggestions as to how they may be managed and exploited.

The event was moderated by Mr. Kevin Fitzgerald, Director, Information and Digital Outreach, Copyright and Creative Industries Sector, WIPO and included the participation of Ms. Karine Pansa, President, International Publishers Association (IPA), Mr. Guy Pessach, Director, IP for Business Division, Innovation Ecosystems Sector, and Ms. Tamara Nanayakkara, Counsellor, IP for Business Division, Innovation Ecosystems Sector, WIPO as speakers.

Guy Pessach, Director, IPBD, introduced the tool as “part of the IP for Business Division’s general strategy in which we aim to come up with simple, yet effective, online tools that cover what businesses need to know about IP in specific sectors. That is why in addition to copyright, the tool also covers other IP rights and aspects that publishers need to consider.”

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