The original English guide, available on IPA’s website here, was drafted by  Carlo Scollo Lavizzari, Attorney/Solicitor/Advocate and Quy Tran, Advocate. IPA members interested in developing further translations are invited to contact the IPA secretariat. 

You can download the Spanish guide here

Commenting on the release of the guide, IPA Past President Ana Maria Cabanellas, said:  In this tenth anniversary I am incredibly satisfied with launching a Guide in Spanish that will enhance the positive impact of the Marrakesh Treaty. In 2007 and 2008 IPA received in Geneva the visit of the World Blind Union and we began to talk about what later became known as the Marrakesh Treaty, which today helps to alleviate the limitations faced by the estimated 253 million visually impaired people worldwide. By allowing authorized entities to reproduce and share copyrighted works, the treaty promotes equal opportunity, inclusivity, and the right to education, facilitating greater access to knowledge and cultural participation for visually impaired individuals.

This guide to the Marrakesh Treaty in Spanish Language will benefit publishers, libraries, and other stakeholders in the publishing industry, since it outlines the technical and practical aspects of producing and distributing accessible formats. This guide can encourage the adoption of accessible publishing practices and help stakeholders understand their roles in expanding access to copyrighted works. It can serve as a valuable resource for understanding, implementing, advocating, and supporting access to copyrighted works for individuals with print disabilities.

For more information on IPA’s work on accessibility see here.  Publishers interested in signing the Accessible Books Charter can do so here

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