In its statement on 23.4.2024 the CBPB noted that despite the important investments in promoting Slovenian books as Guests of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair and at the Bologna Book Fair, funding for the book sector has decreased by 20% compared to 2021. In addition to this decrease there are also concerns about the criteria for how this funding will be distributed. 

While publishing is predominantly led by private investment to disseminate creative and educational works, there are many areas where public funding is essential. The Ljubljana manifesto, launched as part of the Frankfurt Guest of Honour programme, underlines how government support for literacy, as just one example, can support both the book sector, opportunities for individual citizens, and democracies as a whole.  

IPA calls on the Slovenian authorities to listen to its local book sector and resolve the two key issues by: 

  1. ensuring that the level of funding remains commensurate with the high-stakes public policy objectives that the book sector can support; 
  1. guaranteeing a process for selecting beneficiaries of these funds that is based on fair criteria which supports a diversity of voices, publishers and culture.  

José Borghino, IPA Secretary General, said, ‘It is extremely disappointing to see that the Slovenian Ministry of Culture is cutting funding for the written word by a draconian 20%. At this moment when Slovenian literature and culture has been the focus of global publishing, the government should be leveraging that widespread recognition by increasing funding rather than slashing it.’