Sharon Chahale Wata presented about the Kenyan copyright regime applicable to publishers. Jessica Sänger, Chair of IPA’s Copyright Committee, presented IPA’s work on copyright at WIPO and at national levels, mentioning IPA’s advocacy interventions in Brazil, Canada, China, India, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Namibia, New Zealand, Nigeria, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, and Turkey. Sänger also explained the publishing industry’s priorities regarding exclusive rights and enforcement required for sustainable publishing in Africa, in line with international copyright treaties.

WIPO officers Anita Huss and Sherine Greiss presented WIPO’s work on collective management and on the Publishers Circle, a trailblazer initiative to promote training programs for publishers in African countries. A lively debate ensued between the participants, with KECOBO announcing that it will consider partnering with WIPO to publish a guide on copyright for publishers.