The International Publishers Association has commissioned a number of industry experts to bring together a report on the role of authors and publishers in educationan and research, focusing on the existing licensing practices in a global digital market. Ahead of the International Publishers Congress, being held in Lillehammer, Norway from 28-30 May, we will be publishing the different chapters giving a broader overview of licensing across the publishing landscape.

The first extract, focusing on the role of collective licensing was published on the occasion of the 2019 IFFRO World Congress, held in Edinburgh, Scotland from 4-7 November 2019. The second was published after a meeting of the Educational Publishers Forum and ahead of the Latin American Educational Publishers Forum in Guadalajara at the beginning of December 2019. 

The combined report will look at the impact of digital technology and current market developments which have given rise to a flurry of new business models, products and services. The report will look at the advantages and disadvantages of free and paid access as well as giving concrete examples from around the owrld of best practices. It provides an overview of the wide array of licensing practices available in the market from direct licensing, collective licensing and hybrid licensing options.

IPA is grateful for the valuable contributions from all those involved. A special thank you to the expert authors, the editors (Anne Leer and José Borghino), IPA members, IFRRO, CMOs, the members of the advisory board and, last but not least, to Kopinor for their expertise and financial support which has made this possible.

IPA Report2019 20RoleofCMOs cover        IPA Report2019 20 Digital EdPub cover