The world’s oceans are home to a huge variety of wildlife – from seahorses to dolphins, whales, corals, and many other living creatures. They also form the life support for our planet, as they provide water and food, and play an important role in regulating weather across the globe. Oceans also provide jobs for more than 3 billion people who depend on the diversity of marine resources to survive. If pollution of our oceans continues, the world will face severe problems that will affect every single person and living creature on the planet.

Therefore, it is vital to take collective action to protect our oceans. Simple steps, though they might seem small, can have a positive impact on the future. These small steps can contribute to helping slow down or even reverse the damage done to our oceans. 

The books included in the reading list aim to provide young people with the tools to know how they can make a difference regarding water in their communities – such as replacing plastic bottles at home with a tap water filter and collecting garbage to prevent them from reaching marine ecosystems. Ultimately, the books on the reading list will help everyone learn how we can all play a part in better preserving our oceans. 

Links to the reading lists for SDG 14: Life Below Water for each official UN language: