The workshop was organised with the aim of introducing publishers to developments in the area of inclusive publishing, and featured informative and helpful presentations from a range of speakers, including Geraldine Lewis, Tom Smith and Joshua Nathan from The Blind Foundation, Craig Wilson from Booktrack and Craig Violich from Upstart Press.

The Blind Foundation is actively engaging with the EPUB3 format and Geraldine, Tom and Nathan talked participants through the resources that they have available to support publishers and provided some great tips for incorporating EPUB3 into a publisher’s business. Nathan (pictured below left) was particularly compelling in his perspective on the advantages of EPUB3 for somebody who is visually impaired.

Craig Wilson and Craig Violich offered some helpful insights into the practicalities of applying EPUB3 and provided some useful examples of how it works in practice.

Feedback from the workshop has been extremely positive and participants left enthused about the possibility of applying EPUB3 in their own business. PANZ hope to run another of these events in Wellington and create a network of publishers keen to learn more.

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