Key findings from the report include coverage on reading habits, age and gender distinctions, regional differences, digital reading formats, book purchasing, and piracy.

Daniel Fernández, the federation’s president, stated: “The 2023 ‘Barometer’ shows the consolidation of the significant increase experienced during the pandemic and, especially during confinement, which registered more than five points. Since then, the indices have shown a certain stability. From the analysis of this study, one fact continues to draw attention: 35.9 percent of those surveyed claim to never or almost never read. This is why we believe that it is necessary to redouble our efforts to reduce these figures and that, once and for all, it’s no longer a constant that one in three Spaniards doesn’t include reading books as one of her or hiss, At the same time, we also increased the percentage of frequent readers.”

There remains a significant portion of the population that does not read regularly. Efforts to promote reading and reduce barriers, particularly among older demographics and across different regions, continue to be of importance to the FGEE.