Logo for'Don't Touch My Book' campaign

THe launch statement reads:

In our country, more and more books are being taken away from readers, withheld and made inaccessible. Publishers, authors, translators and printing houses are being investigated and prosecuted for the content of books. Decisions to confiscate, ban or put books in plastic bags are rapidly increasing. 

However, both books and those who work on them are important. Book is a universal product that enables the transfer of humanity’s cultural heritage between generations and societies. 

Access to books is the basis for access to cultures, differences, diversity and ideas. Access to books on any subject we are curious about, interested in, want to read is our right protected by law.

We should have access to books wherever we go, from school to library, from bookstore to university. No institution or person can take away our right to choose and read books. The fiction of writers, the visual expression of artists and the richness of language cannot be banned or interfered with.

A book is not an instrument of crime, reading a book does not harm anyone. We may not like a book. This does not mean we need to ban it or destroy it. We exercise our right to not read it, not recommend it, to ignore it.

Books are for all of us. Whether we are adults, children or young people, every person has the right to freely choose, acquire, read or not read books. As one reads books, one matures, becomes stronger with emotions and dreams, and gets closer to art and science.

We; readers, publishers, authors, translators, illustrators, editors, printers, paper suppliers, distributors, booksellers, copyright agencies, educators, librarians, scholars, people of the media… we all love books.

As all book lovers, we stand together against the banning mindset and say:





Since its foundation in 1985, the Turkish Publishers Association (TPA) has been working for the understanding and enabling of freedom of thought and expression. With the Freedom to Publish Report it has been publishing every year since 1995, it shares the obstacles against publishing, censorship practices and bans with the public and raises awareness. Also, every year since 1995, it has given the Freedom of Thought and Expression Award to authors and publishers whose freedom of thought and expression has been hindered, drawing public attention to this issue. TPA works in the Freedom to Publish Committee of the International Publishers Association (IPA), which it is a member of.