Today marks a special milestone for our industry with 100 publishers and publishing organizations signing up to the SDG Publishers Compact. Launched in collaboration with the IPA, at Frankfurt Book Fair last October, the set of 10 action points are designed to accelerate progress to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by the deadline of 2030. At the IPA, we are proud to see many of our own members become signatories and warmly welcome those publishers leading the industry in taking action to deliver a sustainable future.

Putting sustainability at the heart of our industry

Over the past 6 months there have been a number of analyses that have assessed the initial impact of the pandemic on our industry. These have focused on the financial aspects, the impact of employment and more importantly how the very essence of the book, as an “essential good”, was called into question. So, it is amazing that during this period, the SDG Publishers Compact was not only launched but gained incredible momentum to hit the 100th signatory milestone in less than a year.

Clearly, publishers and publishing organizations recognized that we are uniquely positioned to drive progress towards achieving the SDGs by the deadline of 2030. Like our own Inclusive Publishing and Literacy Committee, these 100 signatories form a new community of likeminded organizations ready to demonstrate the power of the book and the value we contribute to society.

When we asked the signatories about why they decided to sign up to the SDG Publishers Compact, many told us of a long history of positively contributing to society. Whether this is through the content they publish or their organization’s busines practices. In every case, our values aligned with the UN’s vision for a more sustainable, equitable and inlcusive future.

To find out more about why the SDG Publishers Compact community continues to grow check out these testimonials below and consider signing up today.


Royal Society of Chemistry: Signing the UN SDG Publishers Compact – Reflecting the heart of our Communities

The principles and aims outlined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) completely align with Royal Society of Chemistry values and our purpose: to help the chemical science community make the world a better place. It underpins and supports many of our existing projects and initiatives, from open access publishing to awarding professional qualifications like Chartered Chemist (CChem).

Our staff felt that signing the compact was a natural step: it aligns well with our mission, vision, strategy, and brand; it matches well with our community’s expectations; and it is exciting and inspirational. Alongside other commitments we’ve made, like the Plastics Pact and the UN Race to Zero, it clearly demonstrates how we as an organisation and a community take sustainability seriously.

Many of the SDGs are underpinned by chemistry, and so it is right for us to become the first major learned society and dedicated chemistry organisation to sign this compact and demonstrate the importance of chemistry to these goals.