When you think about your daily life, you will notice that you use energy all the time. We use energy to cook and store our food, when we take the bus to school or turn on the lights when it gets dark. Now think about all the other people around the world needing energy for their lives too. That is a lot of energy we need every day and at the same time, we want to use energy which doesn’t pollute the air.

In many places around the world, there is still no access to clean energy. For example, many families still cook with wood, charcoal or dung which causes indoor air pollution and can make them sick. That’s why it is important to provide renewable energy sources, like solar panels.

There are also close to one billion people living without electricity at all and 50 percent of those people are in Sub-Saharan Africa. This means that many children can’t do their homework at night because they don’t have light, or store their food safely in a fridge to keep it fresh. Giving them access to energy would help them to have more time to study and do better in school.

Our new reading list covers many of these topics and we hope the stories will inspire you to take action for all children to live with affordable and clean energy.Visit the SDG Book Club website to find out what you can do to make a difference, as well as tips for creating or participating in your own book club with friends and family.

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