Cover of Making Content Accessible Report

The initiative, formed by disability institutions, book industry organisations, copyright bodies and government, went live with two guides: Inclusive Publishing in Australia and Making Content Accessible: A Guide to Navigating Australian Copyright Law for Disability Access. The AIPI website also houses resources, contacts, stories from industry professionals and testimonies of people who have a print disability.

Jane Curry, Director of Ventura Press said: We are here to challenge the complacency of sighted people when it comes to the world of books and publishing. A majority of people who run publishing companies may be sighted but we have an ethical and professional duty to ensure our books are accessible to all.

Lee Walker, President of the APA and founding AIPI participant, writes in the introduction of the Inclusive Publishing in Australia guide: Inclusive design is a strategic investment for the publishing industry, allowing publishers to service a growing market. It also provides publishers with the opportunity to create clever, more efficient, and more cost-effective workflows and opens up new ways of thinking about content, formats and user experience. This guide provides information to help publishers realise this vision.

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