The change has been warmly received by the Czech Booksellers’ and Publishers’ Association (SČKN), which has long advocated for this tax cut. They hope that the elimination of VAT will stimulate the book market, increase accessibility to books, and ultimately enhance the quality of reading in the country. The move comes at a crucial time for the Czech book industry, which faced challenges in 2022, including a 3% drop in book sales.

Martin Sviták, the head of electronic resources at Grada Publishing, stated: “Certainly, this move will positively influence both the Czech book market and Grada Publishing. It will benefit Czech readers and enrich the cultural landscape. Without this, there’d likely be a significant decline in the number and diversity of published books across the book market, especially in non-mainstream titles that often contribute greatly to societal diversity and enrichment.”

The decision to abolish VAT on books has been widely praised by both publishers and readers in the Czech Republic. It is seen as a positive step towards promoting literacy, supporting the book industry, and ensuring that books remain accessible to all.