From 28 and 29 October, the Seminar will consist of presentations and panels from local and international experts from the Ministry, publishing and teaching on the first day before shifting to breakout sessions on day two with the aim of producing 4 5-year roadmaps on how the Ministry of education can enhance cooperation between its own teams, teachers and publishers to achieve their ambitious education objectives.

 The full programme is available here.

IPA President, Hugo Setzer, said “The IPA’s Educational Publishers Forum has been underlining the importance of publishers cooperation with teachers and government as part of ensuring the best learning outcomes alongside, local solutions and choice for teachers. This comprehensive seminar programme with its commitment to practical outcomes is an outstanding way of bringing local and international expertise to the fore.”

Ali Ben Hatem, EPA President added: “Educational publishing represents the backbone of academic systems around the world. The UAE is witnessing significant transformations in its academic sector, as we press ahead to realise our vision to create a knowledge society and economy. At the core of this process is establishing high-performing education systems, which draw on international best practices and functions in an environment characterised by close collaboration among teachers, publishers and the government. At EPA, we are committed to offering education publishers the information and guidance they need to introduce more competitive mechanisms to their business in line with the objectives of the Ministry of Education and the needs of our academic landscape.”