More events will be confirmed soon (last updated 5 Sept).

 Tuesday, 18 October 2022  
17:00-19:00      FBF Opening Ceremony*      Harmonie Hall, Congress Center
 Wednesday, 19 October 2022  
11:00-12:00        WIPO, IPA Statistics event     Frankfurt Studio (also livestreamed online and in the Agora) 
13:00-14:00      Sustainability summit*  FBF, Conclusio 1, Congress Center C2
 14:00-15:00      Freedom to Publish Open Meeting (programme)  FBF, Conclusio 1, Congress Center C2
15:00-16:30      LIA, FEP, IPA Accessibility Seminar Frankfurt Studio (also livestreamed online and in the Agora)
Thursday, 20 October 2022  
09:00-11:00      Copyright Meeting*     FBF, Conclusio 1, Congress Center C2
10:00-13:30      Africa Publishing Innovation Fund Seminar (pdf programme) Hall 4.1, H 102
12:30-14:00     FEP Rendez-vous Room Harmonie, Congress Centre (registration required)
16:30-17:00      Information session – 33rd International Publishers Congress, Jakarta Hall 4.0 H 90
 Jakarta Congress Information Session  
Friday, 21 October 2022  
09:00-11:00      IPA EPF Open Meeting (programme)    FBF, Conclusio 1, Congress Center C2
 Saturday, 22 October 2022  

10:00-11:00        National Bookstand Coordinators Meeting*  

FBF, Accord

 *by invitation only