Professor Ben Zhao, Neubauer Professor of Computer Science at the University of Chicago, presented his groundbreaking projects—Fawkes, Glaze, and Nightshade. These initiatives offer diverse methods for safeguarding creator works by camouflaging, altering art styles, and making imperceptible changes that prevent AI systems and facial recognition software from utilizing the content effectively. Zhao’s research, recognized for its impact on security and privacy, aims to inspire rightsholders to adopt new techniques to protect their intellectual property in the digital age.

Peter Schoppert, Director of the National University of Singapore Press and former Chair of the Singapore Book Publishers Association, brought his extensive experience in both technology and publishing to the discussion. Schoppert, described as a reformed tech entrepreneur, has been closely monitoring the legal complexities surrounding AI models and copyright. His expertise provided valuable perspectives on navigating the evolving landscape of copyright law in relation to AI.

The webinar underscored the importance of proactive measures in combating copyright infringement by generative AI. Attendees were encouraged to explore innovative solutions and collaborate to protect the integrity of creative works.

IPA continues to support and promote discussions on protecting intellectual property in the face of technological advancements, fostering a secure and innovative environment for creators and publishers alike.