is an educational online platform that strengthens children's ability to make sense of the books they read and encourages the development of reading habits. is an educational online platform that strengthens children’s ability to make sense of the books they read and encourages the development of reading habits.

It offers a tool to deal with one of the most important problems of education in the country today, namely the high levels of functional illiteracy among Bulgarian children and young adults. addresses the development of skills for reading comprehension. It aids digital, media, and civic literacy and aims to overcome existing socio-economic inequalities.

The platform offers quizzes to an ever-growing number of children’s books in the range of 1st – 7th grade. The quizzes are created following a specially developed methodology. When solving the quizzes on the works they read, the children accumulate points, progress through game levels, receive awards that incentivise them to progress through the game, while reading books. When – as part of a class subscription – all children in a class have their own profiles, they can compare their achievements with those of their classmates. What happens then is that an own dynamic around books is being developed, which asserts reading as a valuable activity, and makes children proud of their reading progress.

The platform allows automatic generation of comparisons with the average achievements of the class, the school the city or all users, as well as comparisons between individual classes, schools and cities, thus offering an opportunity to upgrade live events, like reading competitions around its main functions.

As part of the platform, the first ever in Bulgaria online newspaper for kids 7-14 years of age was started. brings to the kinds the most important news, and offers them insight into the problems of the global world in a language that is accessible and engaging. is an educational online tool that aims to counteract the growing functional illiteracy among youngsters in Bulgaria (currently 43,5% according to PISA). It is inspired by successful models of digital educational tools in Europe (e.g. and is built with consideration for the educational context, the habits, and the inequalities existing among children in Bulgaria. The platform is making use of gamification approaches that are typical for computer games, which increase children’s willingness to interact and keeps them involved. Having read a given book, the child is able to log in his/her individual Knigovishte profile and solve the quizzes on that particular title that would show how well he/she has understood its content. Each correct answer brings points – the more sophisticated the books, the more points every answer brings. In children can take various challenges and achieve higher levels.

The platform is designed to be used by children in their individual capacity (as a computer game and personal book diary), or as part of virtual groups moderated by a teacher. The group participation allows for a strong spillover effect of reading-with-ease-and-comprehension among all the pupils in the class. When in a group, the classmates can compete with the other classes in the school, in the town, or in the whole platform, which builds creative team techniques in which pupils advance through reading. is the first ever in Bulgaria online newspaper for kids 7-14 years old and beyond that brings to them and explains in an accessible language the news of the world of the grown-ups, makes them familiar with the pressing issues of the contemporary global world, thus building the civic and media literacy of the youngest members of society.

The articles in cover the thematic areas “world, society, science, culture, health and sports”, as well as an interactive section where journalists answer kids questions. Each article is equipped with a quizz that tests the kids comprehension of text. is part of Knigovishte, and the points gained by answering the quizzes to the articles are added to the general score of the kid in

While working on the establishment of, and training the journalists in writing for kids, together with the Association of European Journalists in Bulgaria we have developed a booklet with guidelines for journalists writing for kids (soon to be available also in English).