The session was led by moderator Ms. Natalia Reiter, a former Reuters and Die Zeit journalist, who led an interesting discussion between Ms. Ana Andrijevic, Dr. Natalie Corthesy, Prof. Yogesh K. Dwivedi and Prof. Paul Birevu Muyinda (full bios available here). The speakers presented their practical approach to preparing their courses or guiding research and the different processes that their institutions use to secure the use of copyrighted works. Discussions covered on-site and remote education and research. The speakers acknowledged the necessary work required to secure materials and also the needs of institutions to educate students in the IP aspects they need to consider when conducting their work. All in all, the speakers were positive about the way the copyright licensing system delivered content to them and their students. A number of observers felt the speakers failed to demonstrate the scale and urgency of the copyright challenges to research and education.

The morning session was followed by reactions from Member States and observers on the Africa Group’s proposal. There was no consensus on the proposal, but the Chair felt there was enough constructive support for discussions on a potential further revision.

The lunchtime side-event was “Streaming Forward: Introduction to Leading Audio Streaming Services” organized by the Digital Media Association (DiMA).

Back in the plenary chamber proceedings shifted from exceptions and limitations to the opening of the agenda item on ‘other matters’ – traditionally reserved for Friday but taking up a little more time this SCCR with an Information Session on the Music Streaming Market. The programme featured a series of panels looking at different aspects of the streaming market around the world from remuneration to obligations to secure licenses.

IPA’s delegation has begun to return home. The last day of SCCR43 will deal with the other agenda items (Copyright in the Digital Environment, Resale Right, Rights of Theatre Directors, and the Proposal for Study on the Public Lending Right) as well as confirming whether there will be another SCCR in 2023.