The SDG Book Club, which creates reading lists in all 6 official UN languages, aims to help encourage children ages 6-12 to discover the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals through the power of books from around the world.

The SDG 15 reading list allows children and their families to explore how humans affect the land around them: from cutting down forests, to polluting wildlife and their habitats, and misusing farmlands. By learning about the importance of the land and the environment for animals and humans alike, the reading list empowers everyone to help protect and care for land in their local communities.  

Likewise, regional SDG Book Clubs have also worked hard to highlight the Sustainable Development Goals. The African Chapter of the SDG Book Club has recently begun to promote SDG 5: Gender Equality with reading lists that discuss how women and girls still face inequality and discrimination in their societies. With books from diverse locations such as South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and more, the reading list is intended to enhance reading culture among children in Africa and promote African Literature by putting a spotlight on African authors.

The link to the reading list (in English) for SDG 15: Life on Land can be found here and the link to the African Chapter SDG Club for SDG 5: Gender Equality reading list (in English) can be found here.