Early participants can take advantage of the Very Early Bird discount offer. The special offer is valid until February 15, 2024. Attendees have the option to secure accommodation at the conference hotel, Scandic Lillehammer Hotel. The ticket pricing for individual or group bookings is the same across all participant packages.

The theme of WEXFO 2024 revolves around addressing “The Global Free Speech Recession – and How to Fight It.” With democracy facing a critical juncture in 2024, marked by elections in various countries, the conference aims to explore key topics related to freedom of expression. WEXFO 2024 aims to provide a platform for insightful discussions on pressing issues, and has announced 18 new inspiring speakers who will help to facilitate these discussions with their expertise. These speakers include publishers, reporters, investigative journalists, activists, academics, human rights defenders, politicians, amongst many others incredible individuals at the forefront of the battle for freedom of expression.

Highlighting the importance of engaging the youth, WEXFO Youth programs will play a significant role in the event. Over 110 participants aged 18-33 will attend the congress, and more than 1,000 youngsters aged 13-18 will participate in the WEXFO Youth Lillehammer program. The conference will also host the second WEXFO Youth Network Conference on May 29 at the same location.

The conference program will include presentations and discussions on crucial topics such as the global status of freedom of expression, the impact of AI on freedom of expression, burning religious symbols, trust in electoral processes, securing access to information, and addressing the global free speech recession.

WEXFO 2024 offers opportunities for in-depth studies and discussions, with breakout sessions and workshops scheduled for the afternoon of the first conference day. Additional activities, including an excursion to Utøya on May 26 and participation in the WEXFO Youth Network Conference on May 29, can be included as add-ons to the conference pass.

Attendees can expect high-profile speakers, engaging workshops, and optional add-on activities, making WEXFO 2024 a valuable and enriching experience for those passionate about freedom of expression and related issues.

Read more on the schedule for WEXFO the announced speakers here!