Giulia Marangoni works at the Italian Publishers Association, AIE. She’s worked extensively on digital infrastructures for rights information management, which has led her to participate in a number of ISO working groups where standards relevant to the publishing industry have been developed. She also spoke on her experience as co-chair of the W3C Community Group TDM Reservation Protocol.

Peter Schoppert joined IPA’s first two AI webinars. He remains active on AI questions at the Copyright Policy Working Group at IPA. Peter is the director of the National University of Singapore Press, and he has also been the chair of the Singapore Book Publishers Association. He’s a former tech entrepreneur, and also writes on AI through his blog, AI and Copyright.

Sebastian Posth is an entrepreneur and consultant specializing in digital innovation projects within the creative sector. He has a history of more than 20 years in e-book publishing and digital distribution, and he co-initiated the International Standard Content Code, ISCC. In a voluntary role, he is the founder and member of the ISCC Foundation’s Board of Directors and currently working on obtaining an ISO standard for ISCC. Sebastian is also founder of and the initiator of the EU-funded project.

The speakers focused on presenting existing standards, notably the protocol by the W3C Community Group, the International Standard Content Code (ISCC), an upcoming ISO standard (ISO/DIS 24138), and other tools made available by AI platforms to protect content from being used to train AI models without permission. Speakers also addressed common concerns, including whether the use of content protection measures can interfere with online discoverability of content.

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